Lisabongzee - About Me

My name is Lisabongzee and I love to paint tropical island paradise scenes.
My paintings are created with a palette knife. They are all original, and completely one-of-a-kind.
I do not make prints or reproductions of my work, so you can be sure if you purchase one of my paintings, no one else will have the exact same one!

I particularly enjoy painting en plein air (outdoors, on location). Being out in the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine, breathing in that sweet "beach air", there is no better way to spend a painting day!

My original paintings can be found in my ETSY shop:

Lisabongzee's Island Dream Life

also on Maui
in four convenient locations:
Ka'anapali ~ Hyatt Regency
Lahaina ~ Old Town
Paia ~ North Shore
Makawao ~ Upcountry

and Oahu
Sunshine Arts Gallery - Kaneohe & Waikiki

Having lived in Hawaii most of my life, I have been able to experience the magic of these beautiful Islands. Through my paintings, I hope to capture the peaceful, serene paradise that many of us dream about.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, skating, traveling, playin' da uke, and working outdoors in my tropical garden. But most of all, just having fun in my
Island Dream Life!

Lisabongzee - About Me

Every painting starts with the Bry Magic Paw!

Lisabongzee - About Me

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