"A Wave For Lynne"

My friend and fellow artist, Lynne Boyer, is unfortunately injured and unable to surf. As a two time world surf champion, I can't imagine how bummed she must be right now. She has asked me to catch a few waves for her. Although Bertha (aka Sashimi Rock) has been pretty moody lately, as I paddled out past her, I sang to her. She loves when you sing her favorite song (can you guess what it is?), and if you sing it with all your heart, she will occasionally dish you out a decent wave. Here's the best I could get for you, Lynne.
Bertha was feeling extra chipper today and gave me a Lemonade Truck Driver for you too! Bertha and I both hope you get well soon, so you can be back out there shredding the waves once more!
May 2021