"Making Waves"

A short video of six of my new wave paintings.

Side-note: The music used in this video was performed and recorded by
the Bongzee Strummers (Dean picking, Lisa chord strumming) many years ago, when Brighton was still a pup. It was a fun hobby of ours, but Bry didn't much like the involvement the Ukes received when we played. He would run around and climb over us, vying for our attention. In this video, you can hear a faint
jingle, jingle, jingle of his dog tags.

Also, at the end of the song, Dean had unconsciously let out a
before we turned off the recorder, relieved he had completed the song without mistake. I could have removed these sounds to make the video "better", but to me, they were special, I knew without a doubt they would stay. Hearing that little tinka, tinka, tink of Bry's collar again made it feel like he was here helping me make this video, and that was a really nice feeling!